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Branding accessories of varying complexity will highlight the uniqueness of your brand and make it recognizable among consumers.
Individual designs

Individual designs

We can develop any accessories at the client request: from a sketch to implementation. Materials and quantities are discussed individually. Selection of a color palette is also carried out individually to order.
Repainting services

Repainting services

Professional color selection for coloring and repainting products of any difficulty according to individual wishes.




    Have you ever bought tickets to popular directions during the high season? Or maybe you know how difficult it is to call a taxi on New Year's Eve? If yes, then you know how important it is to take care of everything in advance. But after all, some force majeure still happens and it is not always possible to foresee everything beforehand... We care about forming of stock based on your needs and production capacities. We constantly monitor the balances of goods and supplement them with standard items and new models.

  • Dedicated manager

    Dedicated manager

    Many companies in their commercial proposals write about an individual approach to each client, and this cliché has long caused either irritation or a condescending smile. We believe that an individual approach is what a priori should take place in any business where work is built on direct contacts with the client. This is not a supernatural achievement, this is a normal organization of work. And you can be sure that your manager will always be in touch, ready to help determine the model, select related products, instruct on the specifics of installing the selected product and clarify all the details regarding the order.

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