• Production


    We are often asked why we have open vacancies and why we need such a large number of employees. We frankly admit that we do not recruit extras for filming and do not strive to catch up with the population of the Principality of Liechtenstein in terms of the number of staff. It's all about the company active growth, new directions opening and the expansion of current ones. Every year the company staff expands by 20-30%, so the search for people with or without experience, with knowledge and skills in various fields, with a creative or analytical mindset is always relevant for us.
  • Production


    Our Production is a unique division not only in our company, but also in the whole country. The production team works with technologies that have no analogues in Ukraine: modern equipment allows you to produce accessories of any complexity for light industry. Every day, the production staff faces new and exciting challenges, and we have long realized that nothing is impossible for them.
  • Innovation department

    Innovation department

    The Innovation department is a team charged with positive energy, enthusiastic and highly creative. Working with a product that goes into mass production, fashion designers contribute to the development of the domestic fashion industry and influence what the population will wear in the current season. The design department employs professionals from various fields - fashion designers who create ideas for the collection in the form of a freehand drawing, as well as 2D / 3D designers.
  • Sales department

    Sales department

    When dealing with a unique product, the sales team has to move beyond the templates and think creatively. Working with us, you will be aware of the latest fashion trends, learn to understand the nuances of footwear production and build long-term relationships with the client without being limited by strict standards. Purposefulness and love for victories are integral features of the employees of this department. If these ideas are close to you, then we will be glad to see you in our company.

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