- Branding is a way to create a positive image of a product, to form preferences and brand loyalty. Using accessories with your brand logo, you can increase recognition and distinguish it from the variety of products. Creating branded accessories starts with identifying the most attractive type of decor for your products. ARTSTEP offers more than 100 types of accessories with a logo, where each product has its own differences. Do you want to order branded accessories, but have not yet decided which ones to choose and how to apply them? We will help you navigate the complexities of the manufacturing process.



Branded accessories can be produced by casting from metal or soft plastic (plastisol), depending on the goods type and on the fastening method. Cast metal accessories can have almost any size, shape and design (words, capital letter, emblem, image). Plastisol accessories can have up to 10 or more colors and several layers, which makes the product voluminous and attractive.


Logo application with a laser it's an engraving on a flat surface of accessories. The advantages of laser engraving are small batches and attractive appearance. The disadvantage of this method is the impossibility of application to uneven surfaces.


Coloring of branded accessories is the creation of a unique image, where the fabric material color will match the color of the accessories. ARTSTEP capabilities allows you to perform glossy and matte spraying, galvanic colors (more than 10 shades), neon colors, any Pantone colors. Also we can develop a color palette on request.


Фурнитура брендированная

The scope of branded accessories is very wide. 10 years of experience and an personal approach to each client allows us to implement almost any idea. Branding of fashion, sports, casual shoes is possible with several types of accessories. ARTSTEP offers you shoe accessories with a logo: decor, emblems, words, buckles, buttons, tongue buckles, insoles inserts etc.. For the garments production (outerwear, trousers, shirts, skirts, tracksuits, workwear), the following accessories with a logo are used: sew-on decor, chevrons, patch, pullers, buttons, lace ends, etc.. Manufacturers of haberdashery goods (bags, wallets, backpacks, suitcases, belts, crossbelts) can use accessories such as eyelets, small decor, letters, plates, logos, etc. on their goods. Advertising agencies can find interesting ideas for their projects implementation: souvenirs, key rings, emblems, coats of arms, plates and other products. In the manufacture of upholstered and cabinet furniture for personalization accessories are used in the form of metal plates, emblems from metal and plastisol. Also you can see branded accessories from ARTSTEP on collars, key rings, bracelets, front doors, cups, medals. Didn't find your accessories? Contact us - and we will develop it from scratch!
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