Footwear accessories

Footwear accessories - how to choose?

Footwear accessories are small products that are subject to high requirements for resistance to mechanical damage, aggressive environments, and temperature changes. At the same time, shoe accessories should be of high quality, simple and understandable to install, have an original, but at the same time concise design that allows you to use it on different types of shoes.
Shoe accessories can be used as a working element, which is necessary for comfortable exploitation, and as decorative elements. Each item of shoe accessories is developed by a team of ARTSTEP fashion designers, so you will find a unique, modern design, ease of use and quality of each item. All ARTSTEP accessories are made in Ukraine, which guarantees the availability of stocks and fast delivery in any quantity.

Types of footwear accessories

ARTSTEP specializes in the shoe accessories production of all kinds, models, colors and sizes. Our website and showrooms offer a wide range of accessories for shoes, stylish jewelry, working accessories and zippers.
The main shoe accessories types:
  • buckle clasps for shoes;
  • buckles and frames for shoes;
  • metal, plastic and TPU accessories;
  • eyelets for shoes;
  • hooks and loops for shoes;
  • rivets for shoes;
  • snaps for shoes;
  • military buckles and carbines;
  • fur, pearls and sequins.

Decor is selected according to the style of shoes. Each fashion designer creates his own unique shoe model, which he makes exclusive by decorating it with accessories. ARTSTEP does not just produce accessories. We help you understand fashion trends, a wide range of products and installation features.

Shoe accessories production

If you don’t want to be like everyone else, order ARTSTEP branded shoe accessories. A team of experts will help you to choose the right decor, develop a design and fastening. We produce more than 10,000 types of shoe accessories from different materials, where everyone can find something interesting for themselves.
The production of shoe accessories implies a number of production process specificities, the large number of people involvement, constant fashion trends monitoring, the availability of stocks and constant contact with customers.

Shoe accessories purchase

Today the purchase of shoe accessories is not so difficult, but it is difficult to find a quality product which is easy to install, does not deteriorate under mechanical stress and aggressive environments. Buying shoe accessories in bulk, and then buying in additional several items in the same color and size is a real quest.

ARTSTEP - will solve all problems with shoe fittings:
  • avaliable stock of accessories;
  • own design development;
  • updating accessories collections every season;
  • separated Women's, Men's and Kids collections;
  • sending samples;
  • installing tools for all accessories;
  • any complexity product producing to order;
  • direct delivery from our warehouse or cooperating with showroom manager in your region;
  • constant promotions and lower prices.
Create and fantasize with ARTSTEP shoe accessories.

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