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Button stud A.FM-3279
Button stud A.FM-3279
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The button stud is an accessory that fixes the belt due to its “mushroom” shape. It can be installed by screwing one part into another or hammered tightly. Performs a function similar to a buckle - connects, fixes and adjusts the length of the two closed ends of the belt. Can be used as a work element, as well as decor. When using a button stud as a working element, a hole in the belt is made with a special punch (a round hole with a longitudinal slot) to securely fix the belt on the fastener. A button stud is often used in bundled with a belt loop.

ARTSTEP produces accessories in a range of colors, so if necessary, you can buy a button stud in the same color as other products. A wide color palette will help you choose a button stud for the main color of the product. The holster button also has names - a holster screw or a screw button. In the design of bags, shoes and belts of complex design, this type of accessories is increasingly used. Button studs are also used today in the manufacture of wallets, bracelets, folders, notebooks and other haberdashery products.

The button stud (screw) is very easy to use by the final customer. The button stud is designed not only for fixation, but can also act as a stylish decor. The ARTSTEP company offers its customers to purchase a button stud online on the website or in our company stores in the cities: Odessa, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Lviv, Brovary. Our company experts will help you choose a button stud of the color you need in the right quantity, advise on installation and equipment for the press.

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