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It is not so difficult to buy sewing accessories for garment industry today. A large number of stores offer accessories and decor for every taste, but it should be taken into account that for large manufacturers it is important to choose the right supplier. Clothing manufacturers choose accessories according to such criteria as: high quality, wear resistance of the top layer, modern design, ease of installation, variety of sizes and colors. You can buy wholesale clothing accessories in Ukraine directly from the manufacturer ARTSTEP. Before buying, you need to study the supplier's offer, customer reviews, assortment, price policy, additional benefits, such as off-line stores, working for a warehouse. Only after analyzing all the factors, you can choose an accessories supplier for your garment production.

ARTSTEP is well known in the field of light industry for over 10 years and has proven itself as a reliable supplier. Every year we prepare a new collection of sewing accessories with application examples on finished products. A team of professional designers monitors the trends of world podiums and adapts them to the domestic market, thinks over the convenience of fastening and functionality.

The collection of accessories is presented in ART catalogues, wh ere we have selected images not only for outerwear and casual wear, but also for swimwear, underwear, jeans, headdresses, belts and crossbelts. If you want more ideas on how to use working accessories and decor, visit the Gallery of accessories application.


  • unique design developed by the specialists of our company;
  • high quality, made in Ukraine;
  • rich color palette from galvanic colors to all Pantone colors;
  • availability of goods in stores of large cities of Ukraine (Odessa, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Lviv, Brovary);
  • assortment renewal every season (Spring-Summer and Autumn-Winter);
  • branded accessories production according to individual sketches.

Wholesale of sewing accessories

ARTSTEP produces more than 15,000 types of accessories for garment industry. Our company production experience includes more than 10 years of work with small and large light industry manufacturers. In the assortment of our stores you will find products that will suit both experienced manufacturers and the launch of new production lines.

We can offer you both decorative and working accessories. Design from classic to innovative ideas will satisfy the most demanding fashion designers. Thanks to our extensive experience, the availability of production facilities, innovative developments and close contact with customers, we have achieved the status of a reliable supplier of sewing accessories in Ukraine.

ARTSTEP presents accessories made of plastic and metal, which are used in the garment industry at various stages of production and for several purposes. The main task of the products is clothing elements attachment, fastening, fixing parts and, of course, decor. The comfort of using clothes and its appearance is ensured with the help of decor and accessories.

TYPES OF ARTSTEP GARMENT ACCESSORIES ARTSTEP is a manufacturer of garment accessories, we offer our customers products from stock and individual development as well. We dispel the myth that sewing accessories are only buttons and beads. We have included the following products in our product range:
  • clothes snaps;
  • sewing decor;
  • tongue buckles and belt loops;
  • frames, rings, D-rings, buckles;
  • decor with legs or fixing leg;
  • decor for belts;
  • chains, stones, pearls for clothes;
  • small and large eyelets;
  • military buckles and carbines;
  • lace tips;
  • tools and equipment for decor, snaps, rivets, eyelets installing.

Accessories for garment industry include a large list of products that are indispensable and widely used on outerwear, underwear, knitted or crocheted clothes. The entire range can be used on both women's and men's clothing. In our assortment you will find unique accessories from the Kids collection for children's clothing.

It is the accessories that make the clothes comfortable and easy to wear, and the decor allows you to achieve uniqueness.

How to choose garment accessories?

Before purchasing clothing accessories, you should first consider the place of its attachment and functional loads. Some elements can combine several functions: fastening, decor, clasp.

Clothing accessories are presented in a dimensional grid and an assortment of colors: standard metallic and unique ones (white, black, antique, fume, etc.). If among the entire list you could not find the desired product - place an order for the accessories production.


Do you constantly follow fashion trends and bookmark a million ideas for new looks? The ARTSTEP Innovation department has selected trendy looks with options for use on outerwear, casual and sportswear. Catalogues with accessories application ideas: Accessories Catalogue 1 and Accessories and Decor Catalogue 2 are available for viewing online.

The assortment of sewing accessories of our own production is constantly updated, and the ARTSTEP team offers clothing manufacturers inspirational images.

You can buy metal or plastic garment accessories in bulk directly from the producer ARTSTEP. We constantly update the assortment of accessories and decor with products of our own design and production. It is possible to manufacture products to order according to your sketches, also we accept orders for the branded accessories development, we put a logo on finished products. The ARTSTEP goods assortment is diverse, so you will also find accessories for footwear, leather goods and decoration.

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