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VIP-lettering B.FM-2350-j2,7
VIP-lettering B.FM-2350-j2,7
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Branded hardware is a product designed for your order: logo, company name or capital letter. There can be several branding options: unique in style and design accessories or engraving on the surface of the finished product.
Benefits of using branded accessories:

  • positioning and strengthening of own brand in the market;
  • increase in sales and increase consumer loyalty to your brand;
  • stylish presentation of models at exhibitions and shows;
  • underlining the company's image.


ARTSTEP provides a full range of services from the development stage to the finished product delivery. Our design team will offer you several logo options to choose from according to your needs. Branded accessories will not differ in quality from standard items, the design is provided for convenient installation, the type of fastening is selected individually, the dimensions of the product are calculated individually for the product. All wishes regarding the application of the logo, appearance and technical characteristics of the decor are taken into account. In the end, you get accessories that can be used to create footwear, bags or clothes.

ARTSTEP branded accessories:
  • VIP-lettering is a logo with separate letters or consisting of several words;
  • branded plates have a rectangular shape, arbitrary size with the brand name on the surface;
  • branding with words - logo or company name;
  • decor bases are accessories on which you can attach a logo, making it more voluminous;
  • logo emblems are products of a certain shape on which a logo can be applied;
  • inserts in the insole allows you to personalize the product not only from the outside, but also inside, only where the buyer can see it;
  • threaded letters - this is a set of English alphabet letters, by composing which you can form the company name or slogan;
  • laser engraving allows you to apply a logo on almost any product surface.

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