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Buckle K.FM-091-35 (59669)
Buckle K.FM-091-35 (59669)
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This type of accessories is a metal or plastic fastener designed to fix and adjust the belt. Tongue buckles are used on various elements of shoes, clothes, bags or backpacks. The standard buckle consists of oval or round rectangular frame with a bridge and a movable tongue. The tongue fixes the buckle in the desired position, the holes on the belt allow you to adjust the position of the belt.
Metal buckles may differ in the functionality of the element: for work or decoration. ARTSTEP produces tongue buckles in a wide range of designs and colors. In our online catalogue you can choose buckles according to their applications: working, decorative-working and decorative.

Features of ARTSTEP tongue buckles

The working tongue buckle is presented in sizes from 6 to 50 mm. This type of fittings is able to operate under constant functional loads. Usually, working buckles are presented in a classic design, without voluminous decor.
Decorative-working tongue buckle - used for constant functional loads, but has a unique design or decorative elements on the sides. The shapes and colors of the buckle can be varied.
A decorative tongue buckle differs from other types of accessories in that it can only be used as a decorative element. The decorative buckle is distinguished by its original design and a large amount of decor. Such a buckle cannot used in work purpose, only in decorative.
ARTSTEP produces tongue buckles at reasonable prices. All accessories in our company are developed by fashion designers who constantly monitor fashion trends. Buckles are made from high-quality raw materials by injection casting. Each product undergoes quality control during production. You can order individual design of buckles with your own brand or engrave your logo on the buckle profile. We offer decorative coatings for buckles in colors: red gold, silver, black nickel, matte black and white.
The uniqueness of the ARTSTEP company is in its integrated approach to the client - you can buy not only a buckle, but also choose accessories in the same style: frame buckles, eyelets, lace accessories or stylish decor.
ARTSTEP products are stylish accessories that will transform a shoe or clothing model into a product with a unique look. The tongue buckle can be ordered in bulk or bought in a single copy for a sample. Our company experts will advise on the range, cost, individual developments, application and other features of the buckles.

Buy buckles from the manufacturer

ARTSTEP tongue buckle this is a unique design developed by the experts of the Innovation department, a range of sizes, colors, as well as additional elements (enamel filling, blackening, branding). You can buy buckles in bulk or small wholesale directly from the manufacturer's warehouse. There are more than 5,000 types of metal and plastic buckles in the ARTSTEP assortment. Today, our buckles are used on shoes, clothes, belts, bags, backpacks, bracelets and other leather goods. The variety of tongue buckles allows you to use them as decoration or work items. For your convenience, we have formed sections on the types of buckle application:
  • Tongue buckles for shoes;
  • Tongue buckles for clothes;
  • Tongue buckles for leather goods and decorations.

The tongue buckles prices are indicated on our website for each product. Please note that the cost of buckles in different colors, sizes, with pearls and stones may vary. All products shown on the website are in stock. 

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